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Renowned internationally as the leader of the world of travel in the South Pacific, Tahiti Nui Travel gathers over 40 years of experience specializing in and selling Tahiti and Her Islands. Our services cover everything you can expect from an on site Tour Operator : Domestic flights, Transfers, Hotels, Boutique Lodges & Family Pensions, Cruises, Excursions, Scuba Diving, VIP services, weddings…

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The Wild Nature of Tahiti & Moorea

3 nights on Tahiti + 4 nights on Moorea, Daily Breakfast + Lagoon Activity


A True Robinson Crusoe Experience

If you’ve ever dreamed of living like Robinson Crusoe, this is the vacation for you.


Beautiful Bora Bora & Taha'a

4 nights on Bora Bora + 4 nights on Taha'a, Daily Breakfast + Activities


Explore the Untouched Side of the Society Islands

From Maupiti to Raiatea and Huahine, here you’ll experience what is know as "the road less traveled.”


The Best Diving in French Polynesia

Divers around the world know the diving Rangiroa & Fakarava is among the best in the world.


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